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What is The Traveller’s Notebook?

We are a boutique consultancy that researches and designs bespoke itineraries with the aim of helping you create unique lifelong memories. We also offer a reservation and booking service that takes care of your holiday activities including restaurant reservations, culinary classes and workshops, and tickets to events.

What do you mean by bespoke itineraries?

Different people travel for different reasons. In order to create the ideal itinerary, we listen to our clients, then we conduct extensive research into the destination based in our clients’ personal interests, preferences, tastes and appetites for adventure. We then respond with our initial recommendations and invite the client to comment. At which point we will often refine the itinerary even further to perfectly reflect the wishes and needs of the client. Only when the client is happy with our recommendations do we finalise the itinerary and deliver printed and online copies. The service is deep, consultative and entirely personal. That’s what we mean by Bespoke Itineraries.

What sets you apart from other companies offering bespoke itineraries?

We’d like to believe that what sets us apart is our ability to think outside of the box. This means we have the aptitude to identify and find interesting or quirky activities that are not all that obvious or common.

At The Traveller’s Notebook, ‘bespoke’ means that every single itinerary is carefully researched and developed from scratch by us. We do not rely on algorithms to generate our itineraries. Instead, we put in all the time and effort it takes (and creative juice) to design an itinerary that is 100% hand-made by us, and suited to you.

How are you different from a travel company or travel agent?

The way we work means we are able to deliver a highly personalised product. Our clients are deeply involved in the planning of their itinerary and their advice is at the heart of everything we recommend. In this respect we are far more responsive and personal than most other travel agents.

How is The Traveller’s Notebook different from a travel company that organises customised private tours?

Unlike tour companies, we also operate a ‘no-commissions’ and ‘no kick-backs’ business model. This means we are not limited to vendors (flights / hotels / restaurants / shops etc.) that offer incentives. We have the flexibility to seek out and recommend not only the best deals, but the most fun deals, to you. You will always receive unbiased recommendations for your holiday.

Is planning a holiday with The Traveller’s Notebook better value than a tour agency?

Yes. Because of the high level of customisation that we offer, our clients routinely report that they stay in better accommodation, eat at superior restaurants, shop better and enjoy more authentic local experiences when they follow our itineraries. Put simply, they enjoy richer, more fulfilling trips.

See what our clients have to say about The Traveller’s Notebook.

Who are your clients? Why do they choose The Traveller’s Notebook?

The Terminally Busy
Profile: Those with little time to plan and organise their holidays
Why they choose us: Modern life for many means a packed schedule with very little time to make serious holiday plans. Trips are often booked at the last minute and itineraries are not perfectly planned. While a little uncertainty and freedom can be liberating on a holiday, the fact is it can often mean holidays aren’t as enjoyable as they could be, and often, there are compromises due to last minute bookings and reservations. With a quick briefing our carefully planned itineraries save time and ensure even the busiest people enjoy the holidays they deserve.

Business Travellers
Profile: Executives on business trips.
Why they choose us: Busy business travellers rarely get to explore the places they visit. Time is at a premium so they are often unable to plan an excursion in the country or city they’re visiting. That’s where the Traveller’s Notebook can help. We consider the time available on a business trip and make smart recommendations to ensure there’s just the right amount of pleasure mixed with the business.

The Young at Heart
Profile: Folks who have time on their hands, would love to travel but don’t know where to start.
Why they choose us: Less seniors, more adventurers. They are tired of the standard, senior citizens tour packages. They crave unique travel experiences that meet their personal preferences at a comfortable pace. With a thirst for individualised travel that is no less adventurous than a 30-year-old’s, we show them how to safely pack even more into their next trip.

The Traveller
Profile: Committed travellers who seek the most authentic experience.
Why they choose us: Life is better when you travel. These travellers value unique experiences more than stuff and they go out of their way to find those experiences. Whether they are planning a party weekend away in a nearby city or a longer journey to more far flung places our itineraries ensure they enjoy truly unique and authentic experiences so they can build lifelong memories.

What are some of the unique experiences and lifelong memories you’ve helped create?

Here are a few recent examples:

  • Skeleton Safari - an 8-day self-drive photo safari holiday across the Skeleton Coast Park in Namibia for a group of nature lovers
  • California Dreaming - glass-blowing classes in California, USA, for a family wanted their kids to experience their love for art
  • Zulu Craft - traditional basket-weaving classes for a family that wanted to learn more about African and Zulu crafts
  • Buon Appetito! - Pizza & Gelato making classes in Italy for foodies
  • Indochine Adventure - Dirt-biking through Cambodia
  • Kintsukuroi Kraft - Workshops to learn about the craft of Kintsukuroi in Japan
  • Kimono Workshops - A workshop to learn about the craft of kimono-making in Kyoto, Japan
  • TRANS-AM Tasting - Foodies road trip across the US
  • Michelin Madness - Starred restaurant hopping in New York for the couple who lives to eat
  • Unconventional Japan - Discover a different side of Japan. Visit a Wasabi farm to see how this prized condiment is grown, refined and learn how it adds an unexpected taste kick to ice cream and beer. Row a Tarai Bune, the traditional laundry tubs, through Sado in the Niigata Prefecture and go prospecting for gold in the old gold dust mines. Try your hand at Gold leaf making. Learn how to bake traditional Japanese rice crackers. And discover the secret to the finest Japanese soba.

What will I see in my itinerary?

Your itinerary will include a detailed schedule of daily activities, photos of locations so you can spot them easily, useful tips and maps so you don’t get lost along the way or arrive late for any of your scheduled activities along with all booking confirmations.

The printed version of your itinerary is designed so you can carry it with you. It’s a simple format for easy reference.

How much do itineraries cost?

1 – 5 day itineraries cost a standard US$400.

Every additional day after the fifth day will cost US$50 per day. The additional fees will be added to the base package of US$400.

How do I pay?

Payment can be made online via credit card or bank transfer.

How long will you take to plan my itinerary?

Proper planning takes time. We will agree to a reasonable timeline for the preparation of a considered itinerary with each individual client. Typically, we require a minimum of 5 days to prepare an initial itinerary.

However, the nature of the brief (special interests and requests) and the length of the holiday will affect the time it takes to prepare the ideal itinerary.

Please note final arrangements and bookings may need to be confirmed closer to travel dates. For instance, many restaurants will only take bookings up to 1 month in advance. Consequently, in some cases the final itinerary may only be available 1 month before departure.

What if we are travelling in a group? Do we need to multiply the cost for the itinerary by the number of people in the group?

No. We charge per itinerary. For example, if you are a group of 10 people going on a 5-day holiday, the total cost for your itinerary will be US$400. You can split the cost with the rest of your travel mates, so each of you will only need to pay US$40.

If we are travelling in a group and would like you to make all reservations for restaurants, events and holiday activities for us, do we all need to pay the 4% administrative charge?

The 4% administrative charge is applied on top of all third-party expenses incurred through us.

How can I trust your recommendations?

Our flat-fee pricing structure means our recommendations are impartial. We do not prefer any vendor or supplier.

Do you plan multiple city itineraries?

Yes. We will include all connecting flights / trains etc. as part of your itinerary.

How far in advance of my trip should I engage The Traveller’s Notebook?

We recommend you plan your trip at least 3, and ideally 6, months in advance. This is especially important if you wish to visit a destination in peak season. It will ensure you have the widest choice and help you snare those coveted tickets to the hit musical, or get that window table at the tiny family restaurant that seats only 20.

Of course, we are more than happy to plan your trip closer to your travel date. For urgent requests please note that rush-fees may apply.

Why should I engage The Traveller’s Notebook?

We are experienced travellers ourselves so we understand how to make every trip memorable and enjoyable. We take away the hassle of planning and making bookings so you can have an amazing holiday experience.

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